The Waldun Registered Warranty program

The warranty program at Waldun is like no other program in the industry. Every warranty that is sent to our office is processed, documented, and signed in ink.

The steps of obtaining your registered warranty are as follows:

Requesting Waldun and only Waldun shakes or shingles for your home. After your roof is finished make sure you fill out the warranty card. Send the warranty card, a copy of the roofing contract, and five Waldun labels to our office.

When the warranty cards arrive at our office our steps include:

Checking every warranty to make sure they are filled out properly. Applying a Registration number to every warranty that is approved. Writing a document to the contractor and the homeowner accepting the warranty. This letter will have a registered warranty number attached to it.

Signing in ink and mailing two signed copies of the registered warranty. One will go to the homeowner and one will go to the contractor for his/her records.

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