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Over the years, the Waldun Group has worked hard to understand customer needs, to evaluate problems and improve our service to meet those needs. Today, we are one of the select few North American companies capable of meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers.

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For over thirty years, Waldun Forest Products has been producing quality shakes and shingles. Although the shake and shingle industry has gone through some changes, Waldun Forest Products continues to produce a consistent quality product to our customers. We use our own technologies and ideas ensuring that the product we provide to the market place is on grade. Our warrantees are an indication of our commitment to quality. Waldun Forest Products has been a member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau for thirty-one years; hence we stand behind our product 100%. Waldun Forest Products understands its customers needs and will continue to provide high quality cedar products for years to come.

Having quality products is not enough. We recognize that in order to serve you fully, we must work towards improving the knowledge and problem solving skills of our group of representatives. In fact, we are embarking on a program of personnel training and integration to meet the growing informational demands of our customers. For this reason, we are also currently planning to install computerized technology to provide you with instant data on your order and on stock availability. Because you are important to us we want to support you in every way we can.

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No matter how excellent a product, if you receive it in damaged condition, no one is happy. That is why Waldun is dedicated to improving shipping techniques. Employees brace the loads with airbags and strap them carefully to reduce shifting. To increase efficiency, Waldun can ship siding and roofing products together in one load. With many other companies, if you require different supplies, you have no choice but to order a full load of each product. But with the Waldun Group, we offer choice and versatility. We can ship any product combination in any designated quantity, and we can make multiple deliveries in the same truckload. In addition to safe and efficient delivery, we are also care about your unloading. We know that you don’t need any hassles. For this reason, the Waldun Group has designed state of the art packaging, ensuring that you can unload as quickly as we’ve loaded.

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