Our Team


Kirk Nagy

Over the years, the Waldun Group has worked hard to understand customer needs, to evaluate problems and improve our service to meet those needs. Today, we are one of the select few North American companies capable of meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers.


Curtis Walker

For over forty years, Waldun Forest Products has been producing quality shakes and shingles. Although the shake and shingle industry has gone through some changes, Waldun Forest Products continues to produce a consistent quality product to our customers. We use our own technologies and ideas ensuring that the product we provide to the market place is on grade. Our warrantees are an indication of our commitment to quality. Waldun Forest Products has been a member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau for thirty-one years; hence we stand behind our product 100%. Waldun Forest Products understands its customers needs and will continue to provide high quality cedar products for years to come.

Our Other Brands

Twin Rivers Cedar

Stave Lake Cedar

Our Certifications

PEFC Certified